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Style 12
Square, no welt
Style 13
Square, welted
Style 13
Square, welted with
decorative tape
Style 13
Square, with fringe
Style 16
Square, welt & button
Style 18
Rectangular, welted
Style 18
Rectangular, welted with
decorative tape
Style 28
Bolster, button
Style 31
Square-mitered -1 side
only-, welt and button
Style 31
Square, button
welted (backside)
Style 35
Square, welt & corner pleats
Style 38
Oblong, no welt
Style 39
Square -no welt, leather
side quartered (1 side)
Style 39
Fabric (backside)
Style 45
Rectangular, buttons, no welt
Style 47
Bolster, no buttons, foam
Style 48
Square-flanged – size is
without flange 1-1/4″-
Style 52
Rectangular-Flanged -size is
without flanged 1″-