Questions about Ordering

How long does it take to receive a custom Smith Brothers order?

Fast delivery is one of the foundational pillars of our company. It is Smith Brothers goal to have all fabrics and leathers in stock at all times and we ship furniture to our dealers on our own fleet of trucks. The exact lead time varies depending on the location of the dealer and how often they get a shipment. There are also occasions where a fabric or leather happens to be temporarily out of stock. It is best to consult with your local dealer to find out how quickly your order will arrive. Rest assured that every step of our process is aimed at getting your furniture to you as quickly as possible!
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Can customers purchase furniture or replacement parts directly through Smith Brothers?

We exclusively sell and service through our dealer base. Because we are a manufacturer and not a retailer, we are not set up to help you choose the furniture that is best for you. Our dealers have qualified sales associates and/or designers who will expertly guide you through the purchasing process. Plus, they can deliver right to your home!

How can the status of an order be checked?

You will need to contact the dealer where you placed the order. They will be able to estimate an approximate lead time.

What happens if there is an issue with the furniture after delivery?

While we stress quality in our manufacturing process, no product is perfect. If you face a situation that falls under warranty, please contact your dealer. Often times, they are able to repair minor issues either in your home or at their place of business. If the warranty issue is not something they have the capability to repair, they may need to send the item back to the factory. We will evaluate on a case by case basis and repair as necessary. Because each piece of furniture is custom ordered just for you, we will not replace it, but rather repair it and return it to you.

What happens if a dealer is out of business?

If your dealer has closed, we will gladly work through another dealer in your area. We ask that you go through a dealer since they are in your neighborhood and can help you more quickly and efficiently than we can. If you are having trouble finding a dealer, we will still honor our warranty. Simply contact us here.

Questions about Fabric and Leather

How can I see samples of your fabrics or leathers in person?

Your local dealer has samples and their sales associates would be more than happy to help you with the selection process.

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What does “grade” mean?

Grades appear on the fabric and leather samples in the store. Our fabric and leather grades are assigned based on price, pattern layout, and repeat. They do not indicate quality, durability, or type of fabric or leather.

What direction will a particular fabric be applied to the furniture?

Our fabric samples at each dealer are made to represent the direction they will be applied to furniture. For example, a fabric that is represented as a vertical stripe on the sample, will be applied as a vertical stripe on the furniture.

Is applying an after-market stain repellent treatment to furniture recommended?

Unfortunately, these products can react poorly with the backing on many fabrics. They can cause some backings to break apart which weakens the structure of the fabric. This may result in excessive pilling and abrasion. When your dealer offers a stain protection package, opt for a “dry application” which is basically an insurance policy versus an actual product to be applied. These treatments do void our fabric and leather warranty.

Does Smith Brothers allow collaging of fabrics and leathers on furniture?

Yes! We welcome your creative designs. Work with your local dealer to determine the configuration that is best for you.

Will Smith Brothers help me know what fabric patterns look good on specific frames?

To a certain degree, fabric application is personal preference. For the ultimate assurance, work with a sales associate or designer at your local Smith Brothers dealer. With only a few exceptions, we allow any fabric on any style. For example, if you want a tiger stripe on an entire sectional, go for it! However, most people order sofas and sectionals in solids or small textures. Chairs are sometimes in solids, but they can be a great opportunity to show off a fun design. Pillows look great in any fabric. For styles that feature tufting, though, see the question regarding fabric patterns on tufted furniture.

How will fabric patterns look on tufted furniture?

Tufting is very complex and requires a lot of labor and a lot of fabric. In general, we do not recommend patterns (stripe, plaids, florals, paisleys, geometrics, etc.) on tufted furniture. We cannot match up patterns across tufted areas of furniture. They end up looking chopped up like a patchwork quilt. Some patterns are so busy that you may not notice this, but they do not line up either. If you choose to go ahead with a pattern on a tufted piece of furniture, we will allow it. We just want to give you fair warning that tufted styles do not complement patterned fabrics and patterned fabrics hide the beauty of tufted styles.

Will Smith Brothers apply leather to a toss pillow?

We will allow some pillow styles to be ordered with one side in leather. We will not make a pillow entirely out of leather. The natural thickness of leather means that it does not allow air to pass through it when compressed. Therefore, a leather pillow would feel very firm and look puffed up and uncomfortable.

Can I send in my own fabric to be upholstered on Smith Brothers frames?

Yes! We do allow customer’s own material (COM). Please see your local dealer for details. Note that we do not permit vinyl or leather COM.

Is Smith Brothers leather made in the USA?

Unfortunately, no large-scale tanning operations are left in the USA. Our leathers are tanned in Europe, South America, and China. The hides are a bi-product of the food industry and are not harvested specifically for our furniture.

Does Smith Brothers offer reupholstery to update an older look?

No, we are not set up to offer reupholstery services. Your local dealer may know of a skilled reupholstering company in your area.

Questions about Furniture

Will Smith Brothers make an attached back style with a loose pillow back instead? Or a semi-attached back as a tight, pullover back?

Unfortunately, changing the standard back style takes a lot of engineering and programing. We are unable to accommodate this request.

Will Smith Brothers customize the size of a particular style?

Unfortunately, a change like that takes a lot of engineering and programming. We are unable to accommodate requests to alter any dimensions of any of our styles. Work with you dealer to find a similar style that works in your space.

Will Smith Brothers remove the nailhead from styles that feature it?

Most of our styles that are standard with nailhead can be ordered without nailhead. In some styles, however, the nailhead is actually instrumental in securing the fabric or leather. This is indicated in our catalog. The qualified sales associates at your local dealer can help you determine if this is possible for the style in which you are interested.

Will Smith Brothers remove or change the standard legs on the furniture?

This is style dependent. Refer to the catalog pages for information on whether or not a leg is removable. See the Build Your Own segment of our catalog or website for styles that have leg options.

How do Smith Brothers sectionals stay connected together?

Each of our sectionals have strong brackets to keep your furniture securely connected. Sectional Hardware Information

Will Smith Brothers sell a single sectional piece by itself? Will the end look finished?

Our individual sectional pieces are not designed to be used by themselves. While they are technically “finished,” you will see zippers on backs and seat cushions, connecting brackets, and any basebands will end midway along the end. Nailhead would also not continue along the bracketed end. We do not recommend using individual sectional pieces without connecting them to their companion pieces.

Does Smith Brothers offer Battery Packs for motorized recliners?

Yes! All motorized reclining pieces can be ordered with a battery pack. The batteries allow you to move the furniture away from an electrical outlet. If you already own a Smith Brothers motorized recliner and would like to purchase a battery pack, contact your local dealer.

Does Smith Brothers furniture contain flame retardant chemicals?

All the foam and fabrics we buy and use on our furniture do not contain flame retardant chemicals. It is our desire to make the safest product we can for you and your family.

Is Smith Brothers furniture recommended for commercial and/or hospitality use?

We specifically engineer our upholstery for residential use only. Any use in a commercial space such as a waiting area, office, lobby, hotel, etc. is not recommended.