When the soiled area is relatively small, use the following method:
1. Blot or remove excess crumbs or residue with a clean towel
2. Create a solution of mild soap (like Tide® or Dawn®) and distilled water
3. Apply the solution with a spray bottle or clean cloth/sponge
4. Gently dab the affected area (a soft brush may be necessary)
5. Rinse away soap residue
6. Blot dry with a clean towel
7. Repeat if needed

For stubborn stains or when the soiled area covers a large portion of the furniture:
Contact a local professional upholstery cleaner.
Be sure to check the cleaning code located on the deck tag of the furniture.
Cleaning professionals know the universal cleaning codes and how to treat stains.

Important Note: Keep in mind that although Clarity fabrics are highly cleanable, they are not indestructible. Avoid using harsh substances like nail polish and permanent marker
around your furniture. Some substances can be particularly challenging to remove.