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258 Inspiration

By: Mike Smith – Director of Product Design

Inspiration comes from many places, whether it is other furniture, fashion, art, or even nature. One of my favorite techniques in designing a new frame is to blend a variety of inspired styles and forms in an attempt to create a new timeless classic design. Sometimes the best designs are simple, honest and elegantly understated.

The 258 is one of my favorite examples of this type of design. Elements of Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern are paired down and blended to create a refined and sophisticated style. The curvature of the outside arm into the back with a wood base that follows the form creates a more formal, Art Deco inspired shell. While the slim band of the arm flows up the wing and along the entire top of the frame. This, combined with the neat, tailored pullover back are elements derived from Mid-Century Modern design. The 258 will be a style that would float beautifully in today’s open floor plans.

When cover selection and frame design come together it’s magic! I love the way our fabric design and merchandising team understood the 258’s inspiration with covers that enhance the form and inspire the soul. Using a simple, plane body cloth that is rich with depth and texture you can see every subtle curve of the frame. Subdued geometric and organic pillow patterns are on point with the trends that inspired this style and add an element of warmth.