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*Loose Pillow Back options incur an additional charge.
*Loose Pillow Back options incur an additional charge.
For pieces where a style code does not apply (such as arm styles on armless pieces),
enter “0” in that position. For example, an Ottoman SKU (item #40) with top stitching
would be written as 8200-40. Only the Seam Style Code and the Item Number are
needed because Arms and Backs do not apply in this case.

8141-20 Leather Loveseat

8121-10 Sofa

8231-30 Leather Chair

8112-31 Chair-1/2

8100-41 Ottoman-1/2

8131-14 LAF Sofa, 8131-45 RAF Chaise

8143-21 LAF Corner Sofa, 8103-26 Armless Loveseat, 8143-55 RAF End Wedge